Have you ever noticed how many cash incentives exist in this day and age? From energy related bills that give you discounts for using upgraded equipment and special light bulbs to store promotional item swag to get you to spend a certain amount of money on more expensive merchandise. You often get what you pay for, but sometimes you overpay just so that you can get something special. Cash incentives are a big thing these days. Employers use this option to get employees to get more work done in a time efficient manner, while still maintaining the utmost professionalism. At Junk Car Indianapolis, we offer your cash for clunkers.

Old, junk vehicles sitting around with no purpose other than costing you insurance each month aren’t really worth keeping. If you call us at 317-399-9807 and set up an appointment for a tow truck to come remove your old car, the incentives are endless! First off, we pay you cash for clunkers! That is an instant upgrade. Next, you no longer have to look at that wrecked, broken down truck ever again. You have extra space in your driveway or in your garage. The spot in the street alongside the sidewalk in front of your house is now clear! No more tickets left on your windshield for having a car that hasn’t moved in months. Not only are you getting paid, but you are now saving money every month.

In Asia, cash incentives spread to the sports world. Badminton players, of all things, are being rewarded with higher paychecks if they invest even more time into training and then show the benefits of their efforts while competing. At perhaps an even stranger level, schools have been offering students money for improving their grades. It seem that one of our most popular universities in the United States of America has spent over 6.3 million in order to bribe over 18,000 students and fund an extensive study of the test results. I don’t know about you, but to me that seems to be taking it a little too far. Why not just take it easy and get cash for clunkers? No hard work, no studying, and no more excuses. Give us a call! We will tow it away and all of your transmission problems will be gone! Getting money for your vehicle is fast and simple.

Another sports centered incentive was that a basketball team promised to give back the cost of the tickets to fans after the game if they didn’t have fun. What if your team loses, or your girlfriend breaks up with you in the stadium? Will they still give you a refund because you had a less than happy time? We may not be famous athletes or students acing tests in order to get a paycheck, but we are here to help you on your way to a better life. Don’t worry about investing another dime into your old car. Let us give you cash for clunkers. We will give you a guaranteed price over the phone and then pay you money when we come to get the vehicle. It sounds easy because it is just that simple! Let us help you out today.