Have you ever gone on craigslist to sell your car; you login, you go through all the motions to get the right things to say on your post and you feel like that you the things that you talked about in your post was so perfect, that there was no way that anybody would not call you come look at your car.  Everything is written so nicely and so thought out, that you are going to sell your car really fast.

So, you get all excited after you finish writing your ad, you submit your post and you are waiting by your phone for all those phone calls to come in.  So you begin to wait, and wait and wait. As you are waiting for the first phone to come in, you realize that it is a half an hour past your bedtime and you have not received one phone call today.

You think to yourself, “what is going on?” “Why have I not gotten any phone calls today?” You think to yourself that the post you wrote was excellent, alot of thought and intelligence went into writing it and did nobody appreciate all your big words you used, or the passion behind it?  All the great things about your vehicle spoken out from your heart, so passionate and powerful.

Well, I feel for you, all that work and effort put in for no results.  I do have great news for you today, Junk Car Indianapolis will purchase you car from you today.  That’s right! Today and everyday, our company will purchase your car and pick it up for you for free.

Our process is really simple to get started and you can get started today, right now! Let me tell you how you can get started, first call us up.  Once you call us, our car buyer will ask you a couple questions about your vehicle; what type of car you have, how many miles are on it, the condition….etc.  When you get those questions answered, we will give you a quote right over the phone.  If you are happy with the quote, we will get you set up with our dispatcher, who will get you set up with a time that you guys can meet up to pick up your car.

Once you guys figure out a time and location, our driver will show up at the time that you guys agreed upon.  We try very hard to take care of our customers, to make them #1.  We have customers coming back to us to sell their junk car to us again, because of their past experience with us and we are happy to provide them with the same experience again.

If you are looking for an experience that lasts a lifetime, you can call us up and get your quote for free.  Like all of our other customers, once you try us you will keep coming back.

If you are somebody who is looking to scrap their car, call us now for your free quote so that we can sell you car for you fast.